Single Ply Hand Tools

Leister Hand Welder

Leister Triac Hand Welder with Tool Box

The most durable hand welder on the market for the professional roofer

Part Number: 774403

Leister Hand Welder 2 Nozzels In Package Heat Element Tool Box Shears Silicone Roller Seam Tester

NRCA's Complete Triac S Package

Package Includes

1 - Leister Triac S Hand-held Welder
1 - 40mm Nozzle
1 - 20mm Nozzle
1 - Triac S Heat Element
1 - 20” Tool Box
1 - Pair of 12” Shears
1 - Silicone Seam Roller
1 - Seam Tester

V2 Walking Welder

Leister Varimat V2: The Walking Welder

The New Varimat V2 hot air welding machine - twice the speed, not twice the cost.

Welding speeds of up to 39.3 ft/min Custom storage case (recommended, but optional) For all thermoplastic roofing membranes Network of trained service specialists

Liester Roller

28mm LEISTER Silicone Roller

Part Number: 77400L

774013 Seam Roller

Steel Seam Roller

A double fork 2" diameter by 3" wide Seam Roller.

Part Number: 774013

774009 Seam Roller

2" X 4" Silicone Rubber Roller

A 4" wide by 2" in diameter Silicone Seam Roller. It has double forks for stability and a
5" wood handle.

Part Number: 774009

774021 Roll n check seaming tool

Roll-n-Check Seaming Tool

ROLL/TEST TAMP PROBE Seam tester fitted into other end of roller lets you quickly and easily check seams right after rolling them out. Increases quality and efficiency of welded seam work AND saves you time and money on every job. Combo tool stays well balanced in your hand, letting you roll out the seam and immediately test with no "pick up and put down" of different tools. Versatile seaming tool performs many roofing tasks: ROLL - TEST - TAMP - PROBE. Made in USA.

Part Number: 774021