Material Handling Tools & Carts

Utility Carts

A large selection of heavy duty carts for moving materials on the job site and other industrial applications.

2 Wheel Cart Tray


Part Number: CA00

Tray (optional) to be used with 2 Wheel Cart.

Bed measures 41" x 48" x 7", ship weight 50 lb

2 Wheel Cart Bare

Two-Wheel Cart

Part Number: CA01

Works like a wheelbarrow, but with more versatility; can be used for hauling rolled goods or insulation.

Bed measures 32" x 49", 2-480x8 wheel assembly with 1" RB, ship weight 195 lb.

2 Wheel Cart With Tray

Two-Wheel Cart with Tray

Part Number: CA02

Works like a wheelbarrow, but with more versatility; can be used for hauling rolled goods or insulation.

Bed measures 32" x 49", 2-480x8 wheel assembly with 1" RB, ship weight 195 lb.

Tray bed measuress 41" x 48" x 7", ship weight 50 lbb

3 Wheel Cart

Three-Wheel Cart

Part Number: CA03

Many uses on the roof including hot tanks, rolls & insulation cart; heavy duty and solid; stake pockets for hot tanks; low profile; brake on back wheel; one set of channels & pins included.

Specifications: 2000 lb capacity; 30" x 60" bed; 2" channel frame; 1" axles; 6 - 18 x 8.50 x 8 wheel assy with 1" RB; ship wt 152 lb.

4 Wheel Cart 2

72" UNIVERSAL 4 Wheel Trailer

Part Number: 505470

Heavy Duty Material Trailer!! 30"x72" deck dimensions with Heavy duty 2" channel frame. It comes with 18x850 Pneumatic tires (Non-Flat Lite tires available). Self adjusting drop brake with "T" handle for easy pulling. Stake pockets for channel riser and corner pin pockets for rolled goods. Pins included with attaching chains. Roller bearings in wheels for smooth rolling. Open back frame for hoisting fork or forklift access. Rear hitch and front pin hitch for the ability to form train of trailers. Pins included. 2000 lbs capacity.

4 Wheel Cart

Four-Wheel Cart

Part Number: CA04

Self adjusting drop handle brake; stake pockets for channels; pin pockets for rolled goods; open back frame for hoisting fork access; T handle for easy pulling; rear hitch and front pin hitch to form train.

Specifications: 2000 lb capacity; 30" x 60" bed; 2" channel frame; 1" axles; 6 - 18 x 8.50 x 8 wheel assy with 1" RB; ship wt 195 lb

6 Wheel Cart

Six-Wheel Cart

Part Number: CA09

Self adjusting drop handle brake. Stake pockets for channels. Pin pockets for rolled goods. Open back frame for hoisting fork access. "T" handle for easy pulling. Rear hitch and front pin hitch to form train.

Specifications: 3000 lb capacity. 40" x 84 " bed. 2" channel frame. 1" axles. 6 - 18 x 850 wheel assemblies with 1" roller bearing. Shipping weight: 295 lbs

Side Dump Tray

Side Dump Tray

Mounts on most 4 wheel carts and trailers. Quickly secured with the supplied J bolts. Made of heavy duty steel. Solidly mounted dump handle controls the amount of tilt when dumping.

Specifications: Holds 24 cubic feet. Tray dimensions: 42" x 60" x 18". Shipping weight: 215 lbs

Drum Hooper & Bracket

Drum Hopper & Bracket

Bolts on to our Universal 4-Wheel Trailers. Includes mounting bracket. Allows the contractor to load or unload gravel, tear off or trash and then dump into a trash chute by lifting on the long end of the hopper. Capacity is approximately 14 cubic feet.

NOTE: trailer shown, but not included.

Part Number: 505100

Rear Dump Tray

Rear Dump Tray

Part Number: RD01

Specially designed to be used with our trash chute system; back into hopper and dump; add tailgate and spread ballast; pull two pins to remove hopper and use as cart.

Specifications: 2000 lb capacity; holds 23 cubic feet; tray dimensions 21in x 36in x 60in; 18 x 850 tires with roller bearings; ship wt 340 lb

Dual Wheel Wheelbarrows

Features: all steel frame; long handles for better leverage and less operator strain; skid plate and rolled tube on front to protect tub and roof membrane.

Specifications: 6 cu ft tub; 2 in channel legs; ship wt 90 lb

2 Wheel Wheelbarrow

Two-Wheel Wheelbarrow

Part Number: WB24

480/8 smooth wheels

Pack Rat

Features: moves everything from insulation to rubber rolls; large tires allow easy movement on all decks; optional training wheels adjust to change tilt for easy control.

Specifications: load limit 800 lb; 67-1/2 in high x 54 in wide; fork length 36 in; ship wt 145 lb

Pack Rat

Pack Rat

Part Number: RT01

Pack rat, 18 x 850 wheels

Part Number: RT02

Optional training wheels, 480 x 8

Part Number: RT03

Pack rat including optional training wheels

Buddy Bar

Features: Slips into the end of rolled material so you can easily pick it up.

Specifications: Two man model ship wt 34 lb; four man model ship wt 44 lb

Buddy Bar

Buddy Bar

Part Number: BB01

Two man buddy bar

Part Number: BB02

Four man buddy bar

Miscellaneous Handling Tools

Bottle Buddy

Bottle Buddy

Features: Heavy duty wheel cart for moving heavy cylinders.

Specifications: 2 - 4 x 8 tires; ship wt 70 lb

Roofmaster Hand Truck

Roofmaster Hand Truck w/NFL LP Cyl.

Designed to safely transport large LPG cylinders on rooftop. With 4.00x6 knobby Non-Flat Lite tires for flat free operation.

Part Number: 772645

Dual Wheel Insulation Cart

Dual Wheel Insulation Cart

Part Number: IF01

Features: Easily move around palletized materials; move rolls of rubber, felts or other hard to handle items; angled frame allows leverage for heavy loads; ideal for 36" pallets.

Specifications: load limit 600 lb; fork length 32"; dual 4.10 x 6 wheels with roller bearings; ship wt 92 lb

Roofmaster Insulation Cart with Rear Wheels

Insulation Cart with Back Wheels

Roofmaster has designed this insulation carrier cart to maximized loading efficiencies on-ground or on-deck with the least amount of effort by the operator.

A 3-position slider allows the operator to change the angle of the load based on weight, size & height of the man. It is capable of carrying ISO board, plywood or other large sheet goods of several hundreds of pounds (over 600)! Fold-up forks allow for easy transportation & storage. It's available with either 2-wheels or 4-wheels (4-wheel model recommended for greater flexibility) and the rear wheels are removable if desired. Side-to-side sliding rear wheels make turning with heavy loads easier on the operator. Roofmaster Insulation Carrier with (2 each) 18x8.50 Pneumatic Tires and (2 each) rear 4.00x8 Pneumatic tires.

Part Number: 506225

Pallet Monkey

Pallet Monkey

Part Number: PM01

Features: Move a 2500lb pallet intact; lifts a 5" pallet 4" off deck for transport without disturbing factory cover; easy to assemble and operate.

Specifications: 4 - 18 x 850 wheel assy with 1" RB; fork length 52"; fork width inside 25"; fork width outside 31"; ship wt 325 lb

Roll Carrier

Roll Carrier

Part Number: RL01

Features: Simply slip mandrel through roll and attach carrier at each end; the tip forward acts as four wheel cart with steering at both ends; works on rolls with damaged cores; stowaway hitch for towing included.

Specifications: Two carriers with 18 x 850 tires; one 4in x 13in mandrel - 2000 lb capacity; ship wt 3 pcs 250 lb

A/C Jack

Air Conditioner Jack

Part Number: AC01

Features: Interlocking jacks span 6' - up to 10' with extensions; will raise air conditioner 15"; 4000 lb load limit (2000 lb ea jack); large base protects roof and provides stability.

Specifications: system includes 4 jacks and 2 extensions; ship wt 151 lb